Amplify your content with social media ads

In the the world of social media, algorithms rule. If you want to achieve cut through on your customers social channels, social media marketing is a really powerful tool to get attention and drive sales if executed correctly.

From Facebook and Twitter to newer and disruptive platforms like Snap Chat and TikTok, social media sites have massive user bases. These user bases offer you the opportunity to get your service or product in front of the people who want and need it. Tap into these ready made groups of potential customers now.

At Affordable Website Design Digital, we can help to spotlight your business by harnessing the opportunity that social media ads offer. We use social media ads to amplify your marketing messages on the platforms where your customers are.

Drive Engagement

If you want to stand out on social media, engaging and creative campaign is what you need. Whether you want to stimulate brand awareness or promote a new service, a social media paid campaign can drive your business forward.

At Affordable Website Design Digital we deliver innovative and powerful campaigns that will propel your marketing messages to new customers which will positively impact your bottom line sales.


Social Media Ad Management Services

Businesses big and small need access to social media know-how if they want to achieve cut through on social media feeds. Our team of paid social media experts use their unique combination of talent, knowledge and experience to deliver just that.


Facebook has over 1.5 billion users. It's the most used social media platform in the world. A massive opportunity to get your brand’s message in front of your target audience through Facebook advertising.


Instagram has over a billion users, making it the fastest growing social network. Every business can tell a visual story, be it corporate or creative. Use Instagram advertising to amplify your marketing messages.


Reach business customers. LinkedIn is fast becoming the advertising platform of choice for a number of businesses who want to find better ways to connect with the audience that matter to them.

Benefits of Social Media Ads

Social Media ads shouldn’t be a nice add-on to your marketing strategy. Using adverts to reach customers in their channels is a great way to communicate and amplify your brand messages. There are many benefits to using social media advertising. Here are just a few:

Target By Demographic

Reach the people that will be most interested in what you're selling using the targeting features that social platforms offer.

Connect With Audiences

Connect with audiences when they are online. Use a targeted approach to your marketing efforts to achieve the best results.

Get more customers

Find new customers with targeting features that connect your business with people that like similar products and services to yours.

Our All-In-One Website Build Process


We learn about what you want to try and achieve. From that conversation we start to get an idea of how we’ll help you to achieve that.


We research where your audiences are. Which social media platforms do they use? What messages resonate with them. What are your competitors doing?

This research helps to sharpen and distil our proposed approach.

Campaign set up

First we recommend an ad budget to you. We then set up your ad campaign using our extensive knowledge to ensure maximum performance.


It’s time for your ad campaign to go live.

We strategically launch your ad campaign so that it reaches the most relevant audiences for your business.


We periodically analyse the effectiveness of your ad campaigns to make sure they’re delivering results


We report back so that you always know how well your ads are doing and how your money is being spent.

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Social Media Ads FAQ's

We have created paid ads for our clients on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram.

Yes, we manage social media ads on behalf of our clients to ensure that they perform and get results. We can also help you to manage your social media ads if you want to.

We send a marketing report to every client at the start of each month. However, we may call you to report on ad performance, especially if we need to make a change to the ad or the budget.

Social media ads appear on social media platforms, PPC typically describes ads that appear in search engines.

There is no hard and fast answer to this question. The best social media platform to advertise on for your business will depend on what your product is and which platforms your customers use.