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Get more customers to your website, showcase your business and your USPs, engage with potential customers, and utilise the immense traffic of YouTube – all through video marketing.

Video creation is one of the biggest priorities for marketers at the moment, and we can help you unlock the power of video marketing.

We make video easy for businesses anywhere in the world. Don’t lose out on the traffic, engagement, and SEO opportunities that video provides.

Main Features/Benefits of Video

Create Brand Appeal

Showcase what you do, what you stand for, what your USPs are, and why people should trust you. Video puts a face and personality on your brand, making it easier for customers to identify with you.

Engage Audiences

Video is more likely to be watched and more likely to be engaged with than other forms of digital content – on Twitter, for example, video is six times more likely to be shared.

Leverage Traffic

YouTube is considered the second largest search engine, and half of internet users look online to find a video relating to a planned purchase. Video marketing allows you to get in front of those people.

Increase Conversions

Videos on landing pages increase conversions by up to 80%, according to research. Plus, Forbes suggest that 66% of us are more likely to convert after seeing a video.

Appear on SERPs

Take advantage of every opportunity for visibility in SERPS with engaging video.

Trust With Transparancy

Communicate who you are and your brand values in a visual way to earn trust. Videos offer a transparent way for your customers to get to know you personally.

Research and Strategy

Creating a video is great, but creating a great video takes some time, skill and research.

We can make sure the content you’re creating meets the needs of your customers, has SEO value, and incorporates best practice. We’ll do the research so you know exactly what you need.

Find New Customers

YouTube is a huge platform and its results also pop up in relevant Google searches.

We optimise your videos for search, so that you’re in a position to be found for your keywords – helping new customers find you. Optimising for YouTube is an element of SEO not everyone practices – luckily, we do.

the right customer

Social Media

Video is more engaging on social media than other forms of content – but the same videos you use on your landing pages might not suit Facebook or Instagram.

We plan out your videos to make sure you have content that works on all platforms – from 10-second clips for Insta Stories, to minutes-long explainers on YouTube.

Filming and Editing

Professionally-produced videos make sure your brand’s image is preserved – no shaky hands or blurry films.

We can shoot and edit for you – we’ve got the kit and the skills to create the right video content for your business. We can use stills to create an integrated campaign that ties everything together.

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Video Marketing FAQ's

Yes we can create marketing videos for you. We use professional filming and editing equipment to deliver powerful marketing assets for your business.

Yes, video marketing assets can act as a great to push your customer towards making a purchase decision.

Yes, we can promote and amplify videos we create or videos you already have

We promote video content across several online locations including your website, youtube and your social media channels. However, we’ll only promote your videos where we know you’ll get results.

Getting your videos more views may seem like a good thing to do but we focus on getting your videos views that turn into meaningful interactions.

You will own the final video file that we create. However, we may ask if we can use it to market Affordable Website Design Digital.

It doesn’t have to be if videos are purposefully built and amplified to maximise ROI.

The answer to this completely depends on what you are trying to sell or promote. There are several best practice features that marketing videos should have. One of the most important things to include in your video is helpful content